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Salary band:
Location: Mauritius
Job type: Contract/Locum
Aircraft type: Cessna
Contact: H soccoro
Sector: Flight Crew
Job Role:

ACSC, In Partnership with our Partner Flight Training School, We are offering below listed Course in Excellent Facilities, with beyond Basic Ground School and Flight Training.

Becoming Professional Pilot is a gateway to Incredible life Opportunities.With ACSC we will strive to link you to the School which is best for you.

Our Partner Schools are equipped with excellent facilities,Impeccable safety record second to none.

We ensure the Highest standards of Training with excellent quality Control by adopting and an attitude of "No Compromise"

Courses :-

.PPL - Private Pilot License Course 

This Course is for Those who wish to Fly for Recreational Purposes.This is the First Course to take ,should you wish to start your career as an Airline Pilot.

(Requirements) :-

.At Least 17 years of Age

.At Least a High School Graduate

.In Good Health,Wearing of Corrective glasses is allowed 

.CAAP Medical

.Valid Passport with 9A Visa (For Foregin Students)

  (Duration) :-

. 3 Months  (Excluding Permit Processing)

. Ground Training (60 Hours)

. Flight Training (40 Hours )

. Simulator (5 Hours)

. Training Kit

. Library Facilities

. Instrument Rating

This Course for those who wish to learn how to fly an Aircraft with Instrument Flight Rules or IFR .A Must if you are Considering a career with the General Aviation or Airlines.

(Requirements) :-

. Holder PPL License

. CAAP Class 1 medical

  (Duration) :

 2 months (Excluding Permit Processing )

.Flight Training (30 hours)

.Simulator (10 hours)

.Ground Training (80 Hours )

.Gleims Manuals for IR/PPL/CPL

.Training Kit

.Commercial Pilot Training :-

This Course for those who wish to make Career as a Pilot.Apart from Teaching you the advanced Concepts of Flying.We also emphasizes on Instilling Maturity and Discipline that is required from an Airline Pilot.

(Requirements) :-

. Holder of PPL License

. CAAP Class 1 Medical

  (Duration) :-

 .3 Months 

 .Flight Training (110 hours)

 .Flight Training Cessna 172 (10 Hours)

 .Ground Training ( 80 Hours)

 .Gleims Manual

 .Library Facilites

*Includation in program fees:-


.Check rides fees

.Examination fees

.Licensing fees

.English Language exam and certificate fees

.NTC exam and License fees

.Airport pass

.Pilot Kit

.Visa extension and dfa letter fees

.SSP (special study permit)

Accomodation :-

We have Dormitory Facilities solely owned by ACSC .

( For Jan-Feb batch we are offering free accomodation and food for all cadets)

Our Services :-

.Visa Assistance,Immigration Paper works,Requirements and Travel.

.Tutition Fees,Payment and Policies

.Advise - Cost of studying and Budgeting

. Support and Accomodation Facilities

. Transportation and Security

. Examination and Licensing

.ACSC will process all licensing requirements within the time frame period.

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