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Location: United Arab Emirates
Job type: Cessna
Aircraft type:
Sector: Operations
Job Role: Planner Jobs

•Representing the continuing airworthiness management structure of the organization and be responsible for all continuing airworthiness functions
•Ensuring the functioning of the Quality System with the Maintenance Department
•Monitoring and ensuring that the entire maintenance system conforms to and is being conducted in accordance with Part 145 and approved procedures, and implement updated MEL requirements inside the CAMO
•Produce and send work orders to Part-145 maintenance organizations for scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance actions
•Produce, update, guide the approval process and implementation of AMPs
•Defining the whole system of maintaining or regaining the airworthiness of company aeroplanes, which includes rectification to an approved standard of any defect or damage affecting safety; implementation of any operational or airworthiness directive and any other airworthiness requirement made mandatory by the Authority, and making modifications in accordance with approved standards; and monitoring of any maintenance organizations (PART-145) for the maintenance of proper standards.

Job Requirement:

•A relevant engineering degree or an aircraft maintenance technician qualification with additional education acceptable to the competent authority such as an engineering degree
•Comprehensive knowledge of the relevant parts of operational requirements and procedures and the operations specifications when applicable
•The need for, and content of, the relevant parts of the operations manual when applicable
•Knowledge of quality systems
•Thorough knowledge with the organization's continuing airworthiness management exposition
•Knowledge of a relevant sample of the type(s) of aircraft gained through a formalized training course. These courses should be at least at a level equivalent to Part-66 Appendix III Level 1 General Familiarization and could be imparted by a Part-147 organization, by the manufacturer, or by any other organization accepted by the competent authority
•Knowledge of maintenance systems
•Knowledge of applicable regulations
•A good command of Word and Excel
•A fluency in written and spoken English

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