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Location: Poland, Romania, Oman, Singapore, Egypt
Job type: Contract/Locum
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Contact: Anna
Sector: Manufacturing
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We currently have a number of opportunities for Sales Agents across the globe.

The role of a Sales Agent will be too:

Developing a Syngas Marketing Strategy

To improve market penetration, which in turn supports production investment of Doncasters. This will require the Sales Agent to create a more focused and strategic approach to marketing. 


The role of a Sales Agent will be to demonstrate its effectiveness at communicating directly with end users of its products. Doncasters see’s significant opportunities for improvement internally and externally with its agents.

The agent is to lead in the preparation and development of regional plans, these are to be can be driven and owned by sales agents and communicated back to Doncasters, so that Doncasters can assist. This needs to be a dynamic tool that allows speedy feedback and decision making.

Customer Visit/Contact Reports

During customer visits we need to develop existing relationships and develop new relationships. As part of this communication a list of key questions to ask a syngas plant has been prepared and incorporated into a visit report template. This is not intended to be fully completed at each visit, but should be used as a guide/prompt when gathering information for your visit report.

Key Agent Actions

  • Review country/plant data and correct where necessary

  • Using the target list, carry out a plant visits after confirming via telephone a shutdown/tube change is imminent

  • Plan to visit the syngas plants, two years before a tube change and then again 1 year before tube change. Doncaster Paralloy can attend with the agent on customer visits, however these are to be targeted in cost effective manner. Doncasters Paralloy and the agent need to identify strategic targets i.e. customers with multiple assets.

  • Ensure Doncasters are active in the customers purchasing system, if not, this needs to be corrected.

  • Gather market intelligence on the competition where possible

  • Formulate a long-term visit plan

  • Formulate a local market strategy

  • Names telephone number and e mail addresses of key players, so we can conduct email marketing
  • Regular written updates on status when you visit a plant or when operating changes take place
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