Safety Specialist

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Salary band:
Location: Turkey
Job type: Permanent
Aircraft type:
Sector: Operations
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We are looking for an experienced Safety Specialist and a good team member, who will work in SunExpress Antalya Headquarter
* Minimum 3 years of experience in flight operations (military or civilian).
* Minimum 2 years university degree.
* Good knowledge of English and Turkish (in writing and speaking).
* Ability to use computer, e.g. MS Office applications.
* Being good in human relations, having good communication and discussion skills.
* Analytic thinking capability, also during critical situations.
* High learning capability, quick adaptation to changes.
* Being target oriented, ability to set priorities for effective time management.
* Being confidential and open-minded.
* Organizational and teamwork ability.
* High responsibility and stress resistance.

Job Description

Safety Specialist responsibilities will be;
* Open liaison with all departments, manufacturers and other safety departments, authorities.
* Registering, maintaining and follow-up the safety Occurrences/Reports.
* Conducting Safety Assessments/investigations, Safety Audits.
* Monitoring corrective actions and safety trends.
* Coordinate with departmental Safety Action Group Member(s)/Risk Assessor(s) for safety issues.
* Conducting SMS & Risk Management Training.
* Follow up safety performance indicator (SPI) trends for necessary actions.
* Taking part incorporate risk assessments and managing the process.
* Support maintain, review and revise the Manuals, Procedures, and documents.
* Preparation and coordination of the meetings.
* Collecting and preparing material/data for safety publications.
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