Coating Technician Painter

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Location: Winnipeg
Job type: Permanent
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Sector: Manufacturing
Job Role:

Position Description

Prepares and cleans surfaces using methods such as scraping, sanding and applies paints using spray equipment
• Selects, prepares and mixes solutions or coatings according to formulas and specifications.
• Operates blasting equipment to clean and prepare the surface of materials and components.
• Prepares and masks parts with fixtures, rubber, tape, or metal masks prior to applying the coating.
• Sets up and operates spray guns to apply coating to parts and cleans and maintains equipment and fixtures
• Sets bake/cure oven controls for correct temperature and records time on process charts.
• Removes masking, cleans overspray and washes parts if required .
• Inspects surfaces visually for defects and compliance with specifications using micrometers, elcometers, profilometers, or related devices prior to and after applying coating.
• Participates in continuous improvement of cell processes.
• Participates in the cross training
• Responsible for observing all applicable safety requirements and reporting immediately any unsafe practices/conditions.
• Liaises with engineering and other production personnel as required to troubleshoot, research, and solve technical problems.
• Ability to read, understand and interpret blueprints and abliity to use of precision measuring instruments
• Carries out other duties as assigned.
Position Requirements

The typical minimum level of education to perform this job competently is equivalent to high school completion or equivalent to high school completion with specialized training. The person can read text of medium difficulty requiring an understanding of basic concepts. He/she may be expected to write text intended to communicate non-technical information and, display command of spelling, grammar, punctuation and basic composition. People working at this level can be required to have certain specialized skills, and be able to comprehend somewhat complicated procedures.
• General knowledge in the application and use of painting materials.
• Working knowledge of related company instructions, company processes, reworks process instructions, original equipment manufacturer manuals and MSDS labels.
• Ability to lift up to 50 pounds (unassisted) for approximately 25% of the average work day.
• Regularly required to sit and/or stand for prolonged periods
• Working knowledge of relevant equipment, procedures, limits, and troubleshooting methods to be used.
• Undertsanding of production management computer systems and other related internal control systems.
• Good planning, organizational, analytical, interpersonal, decision making, oral and written communication skills.
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