Assistant Flight dispatcher

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Location: Brussel
Job type: Permanent
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Sector: Operations
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Assistant Flight dispatcher


Analyse, plan flight routes and advise cockpit in the pre-flight period in order to ensure the safest and most economic operations.


* Advise on flight preparation, flight techniques and coordination in order to support the flight crews in all relevant procedures on the ground.

* Manage domestic and international law, regulations and safety rules in order to assure flight safety in compliance with regulations and laws.

* Determine flight paths and flight altitude, arrival and departure times; calculate fuel consumption and reserves as well as take-off and landing weights in order to ensure smooth, economical and safe flight operations.

* Collect and evaluate all key flight data: weather conditions along the route, winds at upper altitudes, turbulence, zones of fog and icing, technical details about the aircraft in order to be able to plan the flight route, flight altitudes and speed.

* Calculate alternative routes that are shorter, come up with new flight altitudes at which wind conditions are better and draw up partial flight plans if it is not possible to land at the destination airport in order to be able to react quick and correct on changes.


You obtained a Bachelor degree

When you are a licensed or certificated Aircraft Dispatcher, this is an asset
You have a minimum of 2 years experience in aviation
Experience in company operations policy, meteorology, and air regulations
Knowledge of Aircraft systems, Airspace structure and Air Traffic Control procedures and processes
Languages: English (mandatory), Dutch, French, German of advantage

Team player
Open for change
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