Avionics System Safety Engineer mf

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Location: Luxembourg
Job type: Permanent
Aircraft type:
Sector: Pilot, Cadet Pilot
Job Role: Pilot, Cadet Pilot

Our client is an Airline Logistics and Supply Chain Service Provider based in Luxembourg, with offices worldwide. In a climate of instantaneous network connectivity, our client put effort into the information security solutions to be aligned with the best working standards required by the regulation authorities. We are delighted to share our exclusive assignment to recruit an Avionics System Safety Engineer. Full-time position based at the HQ in Luxembourg.

Main responsibilities

  • Developing and monitoring the company’s Aviation Information Security Management System (ISMS).
  • Monitoring critical information and communications technology systems and processes.
  • Managing information security risks, mitigations, vulnerabilities and continued effectiveness of the protection of all critical systems.
  • Documenting all management system key processes and procedures.
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with the relevant requirements.
  • Maintaining a record keeping system of key processes and events.
  • Publishing and revising the information security management manual (ISMM).
  • Contributing to the cost effectiveness in the management of information and communications technology systems.
  • Following developments in avionics systems and provide advice and support to the team in charge of the design changes on avionics systems for the company fleet of aircraft.
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