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Location: Cincinnati
Job type: Permanent
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Sector: Manufacturing
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Position Description

*** First Shift Opening ***

* Operates metal cleaning equipment such as vapour blasters, wheelabrators, deburrers and blast cabinets using a variety of blast media to remove excess welds, rust, scale and other material from surfaces of metal parts, castings and other metal products.

* Performs in process cleaning, air drying and buffing.

* Identifies and segregates ferrous, non-ferrous and titanium parts for specific cleaning processes.

* Immerses metal products in chemical cleaning and stripping solutions.

* Performs mechanical cleaning of parts such as grit blasting, vapour blasting and glass beading.

* Prepares and masks surfaces prior to cleaning.

* Prepares parts for non-destructive testing.

* Cleans and maintains cleaning tanks and equipment; monitors chemicals through titration checks.

* Participates in continuous improvement of cell processes.

* Cross trains in other complementary skills and seeks endorsements for those skills as needed to support production requirements.

* Moves between production assignments that utilize multiple skills endorsements as needed to support production requirements.

* Participates in the cross training of other technicians as needed to support production requirements.

* Responsible for observing all applicable safety requirements and reporting immediately any unsafe practices/conditions.

* Carries out other duties as assigned.
Position Requirements

* Thorough knowledge of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

* Thorough knowledge of titrating chemicals.

* Working knowledge of material safety data sheets and the handling of hazardous materials/chemicals.

* Working knowledge of related company instructions, company processes, MSDS labels and original equipment manufacturer manuals for cleaning and related processes.

* The work requires you to be able to read and understand a Router that details what needs to be completed on each part, the Routers are in English, so reading, understanding, and writing in English is a requirement in order to complete the tasks at hand.

* Working knowledge of production management computer systems.

* Regularly required to stand for prolonged periods.

* Ability to lift up to 50 pounds (unassisted) for approximately 75% of the average work day

* Must be authorized to work in the U.S.
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