Aircraft Technician B1

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Location: Brussel
Job type: Permanent
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Sector: Operations
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Aircraft Technician B1


You perform scheduled and unscheduled line- and light-maintenance tasks according to the appropriate aircraft maintenance manuals, and this as per our following work scopes:

* Line & Light Maintenance on the Airbus A32F fleet

* Line & Light Maintenance on the Airbus A330 fleet

Main Tasks

* Carrying out and certification of line maintenance tasks (incl simple cabin tasks).

* Carrying out of light maintenance tasks (incl simple cabin tasks).

* Troubleshooting and Monitoring of recurring problems

* Carrying out of required inspection tasks (when inspection rating is achieved and available on the company license)

* Testing of aeroplane systems

* Towing, push-back of aeroplanes and radio communication with ATC

* Correct completion of A/C documents in accordance with the regulations and company procedures

* Monitoring and following up on the state of the maintenance of the ground equipment material as well as of the worksites.

* Delivery of the Release to Service in a conscientious, quick and high-quality manner.

Your Profile

* You are a Part 66 A, B1 licensed Aircraft Technician (on at least one of our AC types)

* You work accurately

* You work autonomously

* You bring quality assurance and have a sense of responsibility

* Safety

* You communicate well and are team-orientated

* You have good analytical abilities and focus on operational efficiency

* Good level of technical English

Selected candidates will be part of team 1.2.A. or 2.3.A.
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