TypeRatedNon Type Rated B747400 First Officer

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Location: Japan
Job type: Contract
Aircraft type:
Sector: Pilot, Captain / Commander
Job Role: Pilot, Captain / Commander

This is a great opportunity for First Officers to move on to the wide body, with excellent terms and conditions on offer. Some of the benefits include:

  • 3-year renewable contract
  • Chicago (ORD) or Los Angeles (LAX) Base
  • 10 days free of duty per month, with a minimum of 8 days granted consecutively
  • Accommodation allowance provided
  • Travel allowance for commuting

To apply for this role candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 3,000 hours total time
  • 500 hours flight experience in 2 crew jet (B747 or for NTR B737/A320 equivalent or larger)
  • 250+ PIC hours on any aircraft


    250+ hours including 70 PIC hours and the remaining as PICUS/P1 under supervision


    500 hours as PICUS/P1 under supervision

  • Full ATPL License showing current rating
  • Date of last flight within the last 6-12 months

If you are interested in this role and would like to apply, please contact petra.marovic@cae.com. Due to large interest in this role unfortunately we are only accepting applications from candidates who meet all minimum requirements.

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