EFB Administrator

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Location: Luxembourg
Job type: Permanent
Aircraft type:
Sector: Pilot, Cadet Pilot
Job Role: Pilot, Cadet Pilot

  • Responsible for the complete system with the authorities within the operator’s structure
  • Responsible to check potential security issues associated with the application installed
  • Responsible for hardware and software configuration management
  • Responsible for ensuring that only valid version of data are installed on the EFB
  • Responsible for conducting internal quality control measures to ensure that all EFB administration personnel comply with the different procedures.
  • Verify the accuracy, integrity and reliability of performance related calculations, manuals and materials provided by
  • internal & external suppliers and their quality auditing.
  • Responsible for the updates of applications according the published and approved procedures
  • Responsible of creating and updating the “EFB Policy and Procedures Manual”.
  • Responsible for the continuous development of EFB system

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